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I sewed a night over my heart
Somewhere a bell clangs of death
And a dog barks to the wilderness.

Wilderness. I don't hear you anymore.
I don't see you, I don't feel you
Your kiss smells like mud
Wet and soft mud.

I'd drown it with my tears;
This night which has never been.

Far away, somewhere, what meaning have
The pain and love and hate-
Far away?

And the moon looks like candle
The nights soul like a lie.
My silence, the pyre of despair
The sees fret, my steps.

What time, written on purpose
Did you come apart faith?
What time? Where? Where from?
I'll break your teeth and pull out your eyes 
And your soul I'll curse.

The light of the world died down
And the cypresses took roots in my heart.

Bogdan G. Gugiu
Cleveland, 03/01/00

the Romanian version