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Caragiale, Ion Luca

(b. Jan. 30, 1852, Haimanale, Walachia, Ottoman Empire [now in Romania]--d. June 10, 1912, Berlin, Ger.), Romanian playwright and prose writer of great satirical power.

Caragiale's comedies expose the effects on Romanian urban society of the hasty introduction of a modern way of life and the comical results of social and political change. Conul Leonida (1879; "Mr. Leonida"), O noapte furtunoasa (1880; "A Stormy Night"), and O scrisoare pierduta (1884; "A Lost Letter") are among his most popular plays. With Napasta (1890; "The False Accusation"), he created the peasant drama. His short stories, O faclie de Paste (1889; "An Easter Torch"), Pacat (1892; "The Sin"), and Kir Ianulea (1909), are among the best prose works in Romanian literature; Momente and Schite are vivid sketches of the change from rural to urban society.


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