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You would have stumbled over and saw the light

Anyway, this pathway doesn’t lead anywhere;
Long time ago I had a dream of you.
It was a night to remember in the darkness of eves.
No moon to light up our love,
And no blood in my heart to freeze of your coldness.

All the ferocious beasts around were thirsty
All the elves and the sorceresses were dancing
as they would in the "Valpurgic" night.
Witchcraft! Yes you did something.
My soul has never been so heavy of tears
And all the centuries fell down into my mind.
Going dead I would still be yours,
Going mad I would be He
Speaking like children.

I told you about the green grass in Heaven,
About the blooming trees of Eden?
I did of course, to buy an idea of your eternity.
Doesn’t mean anything my love!
There are all words.
And when they are beautiful,
They are no longer alive.
And when they are no longer alive,
They are no longer true.

I wish I were a stone in the way of your night
When dreadful thoughts were crowding your mind
And obstinate and mean and dark but shinning
You were passing the woods of despair.
You would have stumbled over and saw the light.

Bogdan Gugiu