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De profundis clamavit

Out of the depths I've been screaming for you
(The gloomy valley of the three faced lord)
Give me the key to your disguise
And throw away that ancient garb.
Give me the sins of the Lord Himself,
Give me the bite from that cursed apple
And the strike of Cain
And all your sins.
And give me Ariadna's thread to your Minotaur.

I need a point of rest to overturn your heart,
But I do need you at the end of the road.
I won't look back since I don't like the salt;
I am looking forward to the outer shell,
I am looking beyond the sun and the moon
Where your dreams come true
Where your love comes down silently
And all my nights get those lights on.

Strangely we would not recognize each other
YOU without your garb
ME without my fard
ME without my pains
YOU without your flames
ME without my dreams
YOU without your beams.

And I've been screaming for you
Out of the depths, out of the depths.
De profundis clamavit,... clamavit...

Bogdan Gugiu
Cleveland, 31st of March, 1999