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Dark rings around Love's eyes

<Dark rings around Loves eyes
And deserted ways
Ahead loves steps>.

The inner core of love itself
Self-sufficient and self-destroying
Walking on the air around me,
Walking on the dust around men,
Wiping its joy out of its clothes
Came to me.
Flamboyant and extinct,
Vivid and placid,
Poison to my veins and
Death to my mind -
Cold to my blood.

"Wrapping my arms around you
You, fire, you.
You, silence,
You, sorrow
Idea of joy and echo of a lullaby
Singing an 'Ophelian' song.
You, pain, you, life!"

Dark rings loves eyes show me every day
And a far away warmth;
With the coldness of the far away stars
And the fire of the close Hell.
Your body walking in the light
Gives me thrills of eternal penitence
I love you more than Him!
Against my passion with thick walls
Gods love is weak.
Heaven is cold
And angels are dumb.

<The devil told me all this
And walked away.
And I was crying for that I have sinned.
For that there is no one like you.
For that love and Heaven are as close
As Love and Hell.
For that there is no Heaven and no Hell.
And everything else is my love for you>.

Bogdan Gugiu

Cleveland, December 31st 1999